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I Lost a Dear Friend Yesterday…

Oh, no, not in that way. He’s still very much alive and doing quite well. Thank goodness!

It’s the absolute worst part of a relationship coming to an end. It’s not great that the romance is gone, but that’s the least of the sadness I feel. It’s the friendship that I already miss.

Already today there were jokes I’ve heard and my first thought was that he would really enjoy that one. There are the fun adventures we had planned to do together – but now I only have to make flight arrangements for one.

It’s the things I need to get used to again. Like having no date for a big black tie dinner I need to go to. Things like having no one I can discuss politics or any number of other things with because none of my friends see those things the same way that I do…except him.

I need to get used to the idea that when the day has gone great or truly awful, there’s no one there to talk it over with any more. And I have to stop wondering how his day has gone.

I wish him well, and I hope he finds what it is that he is looking for, either within or without.

All I can say is that it stinks.


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