Carnival of Jewelry Design – vol. 1

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Yes, this is the very first edition of the Carnival of Jewelry Design. I’ll moderate it for a month or so, then ask for volunteers from other designers to act as ‘guest moderators’ now and then, to add some spice to the postings.

You say that you’re unfamiliar with a blog carnival or what its purpose could be? No problem! I’ll explain. We bloggers pour our hearts out into our blogs and then hope people manage to stumble across them and read them. If left alone, this would be a pretty haphazard process, at best. So some very clever people have thought of some good ways to help each other gain traffic, and hopefully, regular readers for each other. If all goes well, we all win in the end!

You say that you have a blog, would love to increase your traffic, but don’t blog about anything remotely similar to jewelry? That’s ok too! You can sift through hundreds of blog carnivals here, where you’ll surely find at least one carnival that your blog will fit perfectly.

Now, back to this month’s carnival. Since it’s the first time we’ve had a jewelry design carnival, the entries were few. But not to worry, the entries we got were outstanding! You’ll see what I mean…

Dawn White is a lampwork bead artist whose work I have admired (and bought) for years! And I assure you, I’ll be a future customer of hers as well. First of all, I would like to compliment her on a fun blog, overall. She posts about her family, her trips and everyday adventures…much like I do. But she also posts her latest bead masterpieces as well. She is much better than me at keeping the photos of her work current on her blog and they’re always breathtaking!

Here’s her official carnival entry: Dawn presents Blue Necklace posted at Duda Designs.

But, don’t stop with that post! Here’s one that I’m absolutely in love with! Fabulous!!

Our second carnival entry is Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures. Here’s the official entry:  Cyndi Lavin presents Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures posted at Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures.

Cyndi and her friends have created a great collaborative project involving a “Charming” necklace! They have all contributed charms for the necklace, then are passing it around for all to enjoy. Once all have had it, they will auction it off for some as-yet unnamed charity. What a fun idea! I’m thinking of joining this too the next time!!

Again, Cyndi’s site is full of great pieces she’s created. This one is simply spectacular!

You’ll want to browse through all the previous posts too.

I have both of these terrific blogs in my news reader so I can keep up with every new post they make. If you’re a fan of jewelry or of jewelry design, you might consider doing the same.

Now the next step in a blog carnival is that each of the entry blogs will post an entry linking to this carnival post. That way, we all benefit from added exposure and, hopefully, find new readers.

I know I’ve enjoyed telling you about both of these blogs and their treasures. If you have a blog related to jewelry design, I hope you’ll consider entering next month’s blog carnival of jewelry design. And spread the word! The more, the merrier!!

The next edition of the Carnival of Jewelry Design will be posted on Monday, October 16.  That means that all entries must be received by 5:00 pm CST on October 13 in order to be included. Submit your latest brag pieces here!

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