I’m so not from L.A.

August 10, 2006 at 2:04 pm Leave a comment

Back when David Letterman’s show was on NBC following the Tonight Show, (yes I know I’m dating myself…) he had a regular audience participation segment called “Brush with Greatness.” During these segments, he would go into the audience where several would stand and tell their stories of celebrity sightings. Most were hysterically funny because they were so completely ridiculous. Things like, walking into the Albertson’s store and Dolly Parton’s bodyguard bumped into them, or something equally silly. I used to laugh my head off over the mere remoteness of the of the so-called “Brushes.”

Here in the Midwest, we almost never have to deal with celebrity sightings. We are so completely isolated from the celebrity world that it’s a hoot to hear the “Brush with Greatness” stories from those in L.A. This blog’s post (Of Fish and Family) is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. I chuckled my way through parts of it and remembered the fun of the old Letterman bit. Take a moment to enjoy.


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