Ahhh! Creative Bliss!

July 24, 2006 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

This past weekend was spent mainly creating wonderful things in my studio. I have about two dozen projects in various stages of completion and I worked on several of these. Some of the items under construction are a variety of PMC pieces (more about this later), several wire wrapped bracelets, several beaded charm bracelets, a crochet and bead bracelet cuff, several dichroic glass cabochons (I haven’t fired up the old kiln in a few weeks because I don’t want to add to the heat of the summer…but I’m getting impatient to fire some things so I may have to just bite the bullet and do it…) All this and I’m trying to finish an afghan for my daughter’s chair before I go there to visit in a week. So much fun stuff to do…so little time! If only I didn’t need to depend on my day job to pay the bills…..

I still need to do a photo shoot of the two dozen or so pieces of jewelry that I have finished and need to put on my web site for sale. Perhaps that’s this evening’s project. If so, you’ll see more about this tomorrow.

But the really big thing that’s on my mind (besides getting to spoil my two granddaughters for a few days) is the PMC Certification class I’m enrolled in on August 4-6 in Arlington, TX. It’s just a couple of miles from my daughter’s home and I can go to the class in the daytime, and hang out with her family in the evenings. Talk about bliss: time with my kids and grandkids is the most wonderful way to spend time. I am truly excited!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What’s PMC, Lynn?” Well, I’ll attempt to tell you. Then in a day or so, I’ll post some photos of finished pieces. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is finely powdered pure silver in an organic base that makes it moldable like clay. The PMC is formed into the desired shape, dried, then fired in a kiln. The organic base burns away, leaving almost completely pure silver in the created shape. (The finished product is actually 99.9% pure silver and can be called “fine silver”.) I managed to take several local classes on the basics and have even sold some pieces of PMC jewelry that I have made, but in order to get better, I must take the certification courses. Besides, being certified will qualify me for special discounts on the clay itself and I’ll also be able to teach classes myself, if I decide to. The class I’m taking in August is only the first of several certifications, but one must start somewhere, right?

Anyway, I need to end this post and go take photos for my site. I’ll post more tomorrow.
I hope you have a terrific evening!

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