If you like music, you must experience this!

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Since I just returned from Seattle, I have to also write a bit about my other favorite place to visit while there. Anyone who likes music absolutely MUST take the time to visit the Experience Music Project Museum right next to the Space Needle. It truly lives up to its name too. It’s a wonderful experience.

When you first get there, they give you a receiver that you wear, a pair of earphones and a remote control. Every item in the museum has a number by it. You punch the number into the remote and the item gives you your own little experience. For example, if it’s an item of clothing, you might hear its owner tell you about it. If it’s a video screen you might get to watch a video of the performer (for example, Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.) If it’s an album cover, you could listen to the tracks on the album. There’s even an entire room of one-of-a-kind instruments and you can click to hear each one being played.

Each person’s experience is unique that person. You watch, listen and learn all about everything music. They have areas set up for types of music where they tell about the origin of each and the people who made it famous; from gospel, jazz and blues to rock, hip-hop and grunge. Jimi Hendrix even has his own room of memorabilia. (My son loves it when I go there because he’s a huge Hendrix fan and they have a very large variety of unusual and rare t-shirts, especially for Hendrix.)

I’ve never visited a museum like it. Next time you are in Seattle, you really must check it out!

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